Murals and paintings

Painting with a twist.

This is how Al Freshco operates:

View the video of the creation of two ceiling paintings and three paintings for the Texel Project.

Al Freshco is a collaboration of artists Matthijs Stam and Ingwar Perton. They specialize in large canvas paintings and wall paintings, employing a wide range of techniques: acrylic paint and spray cans, possibly coupled with oil painting techniques from the old masters. This results in a unique style known as ‘the 21st-century frescoes.’ When possible, their paintings aim to create a total experience, suggesting that one is immersed within the artwork. When not feasible, they at least strive for a 3D-like depth effect that completely transforms the space. In their free works, humor and estrangement are combined with playing with historical events. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be seen as a recurring theme.