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About Patrick van der Linde

When he was thirteen, shortly after he got his dad’s painting box, Patrick van der Linde (Netherlands, 1972) made his first oilpainting. Still he chose “the safe way” by going to the Amsterdam School for Grafical Arts (1989-1993) and studied to be an illustrator. But when he got his diploma he concentrated on two things: painting and travelling. During a timespace of seven years, armed with a scetchingbook and camera, he travelled through Austalia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru amongst other countries. Impressions of these journeys can be found in his paintings that can be described as magical realism or surrealism though realism is not avoided.

He works in an age old tradition and much effort is put into details so that his paintings can reveil their secrects even after years to come. Paintings made by Van der Linde have found their way to art lovers, not only in the Netherlands, but throughout the world for years.

To really see the detail, the workmanship and the beauty of his paintings they must be seen in real.

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